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Welcome to the Telehacker download page. Before proceeding to the download button please read the Terms of Service policy below.

Because of consequences this software can cause if gets in wrong hands, like hacking into other people Telegram accounts in aim to steal and manipulate with their private information, agreeing with the terms below is mandatory step to save us trouble by any legal laws.

By downloading the Telehacker app you are automatically agreeing with the terms below.

Telehacker app is intended for personal usage only. This software is allowed to be used only as a parental control application. Which means parents can use this tool to monitor their children activity in goal to protect them by potential internet abuse which may have occur if they message with suspicious online criminals.
Any other purpose of using this application is at your own risk and we (authors of Telehacker app) will not be responsible nor held any law claims if they happen.

Old version v.1.0. will no longer work, so please get the newest one by clicking the download button.