We present you the TeleHacker - application for mobile and desktop devices developed to monitor Telegram messaging app chats remotely & anonymously.

Having physical access to someones phone is not required for this tool to work, because it uses Telegram's database vulnerability we exploit. So all you need to do is enter someones number or username inside the app, press a button to connect to their account, and start spying conversations!

You can see someones secret chat history too! Because even if they deleted those logs from their phone, that doesn't means it's erased from Telegram's backup database.

Telehacker app - Telegram Hack
*Works on Android(Apk), iOS, Mac & Windows devices.

Version 1.0.0. is patched and not working anymore, so please get newest version from the link at bottom of this page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can my victim(s) find out I'm spying on them?
No, because you don't do anything with their phone. This tool is hacking trough Telegram's database and from there it leaks out private information (chat logs) according to phone number or username of someones account.

Do I need to jailbreak my iPhone to use this app?
It's not required. Tool will work properly in both cases.

How this is possible?
Every website on the internet needs to have its place where information and files needs to be stored. This is called hosting. And there is also another part of hosting, called "SQL database" where information which got input by a third party gets stored. These can be user comments, attachments, newly created people accounts, and also login information. Almost any SQL server is vulnerable at some moments while a new data is getting transferred to its storage. Depending how high certain website is secure, means what type of security protection software it have installed, meas how easily it can be hacked. This type of hacking is called SQL Injection.
Telehacker's algorithm has this type of attack built inside its code, which detects interval when Telegram's SQL servers are getting new data transfer. And at this moment a SQL attack will occur, and drain out protected chat logs from desired Telegram account.

If you have some problems or accidentally you've detect some bug with this software, feel free to message us at any moment.

Proceed to files page and get the Telegram hack tool by clicking the download button.